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We focus:The silicone rubber products | Silica gel products
>> R & D generation and sales of large silicone products manufacturer
> > has nearly 10 years experience of silicone products R & D and production
>> The mold is complete to provide model
>> With a large area of storage, all kinds of mold is complete, providing a model for making 3 rapid delivery model delivery time days
>> The product is rich and diverse styles, full range to meet customer customization.
>> According to customer specific requirements, tailored to the development of new products.
>> The production of raw materials procurement, product development and manufacturing, the final product application service, each link strict control
>> With the fastest and most reasonable time arrangement order, guarantee delivery within 7 days, delivery of high precision!
>> Before sale: to provide technical advisory services, the customer service center, to help your to easily understand the product knowledge.
>> Sale: instant processing orders, sales, product application and other related links, meet customer demand for the highest in efficiency.
>> Customer service: 2 hours response; two years warranty, if the quality of can provide return service.
Customer witness

Customer witness

About Ying-tai high

About Ying Taigao

Shenzhen city Ying-tai High Precision Hardware Rubber Co. Ltd. operates the following brands: Shin Etsu silicone, silicone American Dow Corning silicone, silicone rubber, the Toshiba Germany Wacker silicon rubber. An agent in Greater China region, Germany Wacker organic silica gel, organic silica gel America Dow Corning Shenzhen regional distributors. According to the function of products: ordinary, ordinary, standard, general type silica gel. Special purpose silicone: high temperature resistance, flame retardant, high tension, the tension in, conductive, insulation, oil resistance, resistance to vapour, low compression deformation such as silica gel, injection. There are various types of liquid silicone, fluorine silicone rubber, SEP etc.. Specifically, our company mainly engaged in major brand silica gel, high temperature resistance, flame retardant adhesive glue, high tension rubber, high transparent, high conductive adhesive glue, insulation rubber, oil resistant rubber, steam r..
Industry consulting

Industry consulting

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

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